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aliens vs predator

Terminator vs Robocop

A source has revealed that studio execs are in early talks for a new film to serve as a huge cross-franchise revival of 1980s sci-fi Monster movie properties Alien (20th Century Fox), Predator (20th Century Fox), Terminator (Paramount Pictures), and Robocop (MGM/Columbia).  No details yet on dates or who may be on board for the project , as it is still in the early “Golf-stage” of discussions.

Unlike a typical reboot, they are purportedly attempting to restore the franchises to be more faithful to their originals.  With the damage done from Terminator Genisys (2015), Robocop (2014), and Predators (2010), studios are scrambling to re-strategize how to profit off of these valuable IP’s. In the wake of The Force Awakens, Hollywood analysts have verified the appetite for nostalgia films that play heavily on their original’s visuals.   For now, they are referring to the new move as a “back-boot.”  Whereas reboots attempt to reset the franchise with a whole new universe, negating the old, a “back-boot” attempts to negate the reboot and reinstate the original.

The Alien franchise may be less likely to join the fray, with Ridley Scott’s Prometheus sequel Alien: Covenant on it’s way already, in 2017.  The potential success of the Alien franchise on it’s own, and it’s expected tie-in with Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner sequel may complicate the AvPvTvR deal.  Though, pressure from Disney’s growing box office domination may entice the studios to unite and expand their Cinematic Universe offerings, following the tie-in model of the MCU.

Freaky Leaks will keep you updated as it unfolds.  To hold you over, revisit the comics where they got dangerously close to this deadly foresome.

3782681_1Robocop Vs. Exterminador do Futuro (1992)

Written by THEM on January 27th, 2016

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