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Better than the Oscars.  The Omars!  The Normanees for these Academic Awows are….

  • Sicario
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Bone Tomahawk
  • Room
  • The Big Short
  • Tangerine
  • What We Do in the Shadows
  • the Hateful 8



And the winner is……… MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.  George Miller to receive this coveted obsidian sculpture!

It was close.  The Revenant almost made it into the list for sheer visuals and sound, and might have won, but it’s attempt at an emotional play with a recycled and basic revenge plot left it missing the mark and made it feel like a wanting presentation.  And that wanting tears back the beauty of the setting as you think of the director’s somewhat heavy hand.  Bone Tomahawk was solid, and built an interesting world.  Sicario was very interesting and brought an unusual sense of horror and conspiracy to the subject.  The Room was a bit loose with its structure which detracted, but the subject was compelling enough to make it very cinematic; and the early escape was unusual and interesting.  The Big Short could have been annoying, but instead it was fun, had good acting, and it did some weird tricks with the soundtrack in the backgrounds of scenes, and forth wall breaking that made it exciting.  Tangerine was funny, great acting, and was full of culture making the definitive trans prostitution movie, and the definitive Santa Monica Blvd movie; it’s refreshing to see a lightness in a tough setting too, because it’s not all violins in the real world.  What we Do in the Shadows was just plain funny.  And the Hateful 8 makes the dialog in other movies feel mute and moot, with acting that made you want to repeat after them; though it does get tired.

What I kept coming back to with Fury Road though was the score.  You knew what to expect, and when the score kicked in you could feel the anticipation.  Very dramatic tunes.  The opening moved fast, maybe with an off frame-rate, which hammered in the thesis of what was to come.  It felt like something new, an amphetamine rush in a desperate world with no quarter and no sleep.  The tone forwarded by the cinematography and editing contributed to this feeling of pace, which helps the viewer imagine what it’s like to live in this science fiction setting.  And, you have to appreciate the amount of new designs to look at in the costumes and vehicles.  Fresh concept art always adds to the believe-ability of the setting, and lets you imagine a mini history for each piece.  Although the plot was basic, there was a still lot in it to think about.  And the plot-less ballets of action were pretty to watch as you thought about the plot.  The hits felt hard, even though a lot of the choreography was ridiculous.  And the ridiculousness just added to the cartoonishness of it, which is fine. Charlize’s character was interesting because she had to out smart her villains to stay alive, and make strategic and willful decisions to make up for physical shortcomings.  The position of women gives a lot to think about early humans and what we might be like in different circumstances, and what it’s like to be physically vulnerable.  The loss of hope.  Redemption at home.  Corny, but clean and presented well, and reasonably emotional.  It just put the most on screen, and that makes for good watchin’.










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Obi Wan and Anakin Skywalker Kiss!!!! Real world Ewan and Hayden!!!!!!!!!!!!   no comments

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Did they make love?  Was there a love affair during the whole trilogy?  Would Ewan stoop so low?  Yes, Yes, and Yes.

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A Mr Gil Broussard has refined an intriguing version of the Niburu Cataclysm, discovered by a pattern in Biblical catastrophes and Ancient Chinese astronomy records, and supported by his use of a free NASA computer model available online.

He claims that roughly every 300 years a large unknown planet about 6 times the size of Earth, at around the same density of the Earth, enters and exits our orbital plane.  The biblical and Chinese sources of sightings in the sky and natural disasters are roughly spaced out by 300 years, with fluctuations assumed to be caused by orbital interference by the gravity of the other planets in the solar system as it passes through.  He claims that it is comet-like in substance.  It’s predicted to come into our orbital plane between March and September, 2016.

The basics of the theory make some scientific sense.  Firstly, Astronomers have recently found strong evidence for a Planet X, which is somewhere between the size of the inner planets and the outer planets.  But this recent prediction is for a planet with 1500 year orbital period, placing it much further into the Oort Cloud than Gil’s Planet 7X.  The evidence for this planet, however is based around a model that it is shepherding several other irregularly orbiting objects in and out of the Oort Cloud.  This is the latest in over a hundred years of hypothesized planet Xs to help explain slight fluctuations in Neptune and Uranus’ orbits.  So at a basic level, the idea of large undiscovered planets with irregular orbits that swing in and out of the edge of the solar system is well established in the scientific community.

So the question is, is it possible that there is an astronomical blind-spot allowing for the possibility of Gil’s theory being right?  Yes.  The recent evidence for Planet X in the mainstream is far from the unanimously agreed upon location for Neptune’s disturber, and is not even claimed by it’s proponents to be certain.  Also, basic chaos theory shows that as soon as you have 3 or more bodies in a gravitational system calculations explode in complexity (the Three Body Problem).  So, with the 8 major known planets, recently discovered exoplanets and smaller objects, and likely more to be discovered or undiscovered, a lot of wild cards are at play.

And of course, no need for a blind spot when those with eyes only lie, and those that are honest can’t see!

If a body had an extremely elliptical orbit as suggested by the quickness in it’s entrance and exit from Earth’s Orbital Plane and the long orbital period, than it would be traveling extremely fast as it came and went like a comet, in the 10 to 70 kilometers per second range.  Comets are not easy to predict, unless they’re period is short enough that there’s a reasonable historical record of them, like Hale-Bop.  Of course the size of the object that Gil’s suggesting would make it easier to spot.  But perhaps we will, as we are still a month away from it’s purported approach.

The characterization of it as a comet in it’s material description, it’s elliptical orbit, and the ancient disasters and sightings do hold up as a story.  A comet-like semi-massive planet would release large chunks as it is wailed by the Sun.  It may even carry it’s own mini system of sloppy moons that peel off of it as they get sucked out other planets’ gravities.

Gil Broussard’s ability to bring these ideas together and make something plausibly also speaks to his intelligence, which compounds the possibility that his calculations are right.  That is before you get into his connections to prophecies, warning signs for the coming disasters, and general Apocalypse talk.  But hey, who knows?  The only way to find out is to test his calculations with rigorous physics calculations.  Maybe someone else has done this for us.  Not likely, with his youtube hits only in the 10s of thousands.  And who has time to do that themselves?  Especially with the world ending this summer!

Why not just relax and check out his sweet charts and visualizations as we lie in wait for oblivion:

maxresdefaultmaxresdefault (2)planet-7x-timeline-of-events-from-cain-through-2013-to-2021maxresdefault (6) maxresdefault (4) maxresdefault (3)  maxresdefault (1)  maxresdefault (15) planet-7x-deceased-astronomers maxresdefault (14)  maxresdefault (13) maxresdefault (12) maxresdefault (11) maxresdefault (10) maxresdefault (9) maxresdefault (8) maxresdefault (7)

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The Oscars are wak.  I mean, movies are cool, but they always get it wrong. Hoyty Toyty navel gazing for actors.  We all know this.  Doy.  But Freaky Leaks has taken it upon yourself to pump it’s own Academic Awows.  The Omars!!!  And the Normanees for Best Movie of 2015 are……

  • Sicario
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Bone Tomahawk
  • Room
  • The Big Short
  • Tangerine
  • What We Do in the Shadows
  • Misstress America

This list is still being process and likely to change.

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