Reverse Conspiracies part 1: Truthers, Trumpers, Choopers   no comments

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Of course.  Nothing new here if you’re paying attention.  Conspiracies awareness is the Conspiracy.  Like Zion vs the Matrix.  There have been many Zions before this.  We’re supposed to fight back, in a cycle.



Try to google the official 9/11 commission story.   Try to watch it on Youtube.  It’s impossible.  It’s flooded with truthers.  So if that’s the conspiracy, why is the “truth” so dominant in the lizard netscape media?  Whether they did it or not, they want us to think they did it.  They were sloppy on purpose.  That way half of us see it, and half of us don’t.

In the wake of government wrong doing, and the media not hiding it, but pushing the truth of government wrongdoing, comes distrust.  Trump, Assange, and Putin are all Patsys, to bring down the government so the Invisible Foot can stomp all over us after we come out of our shell of government.  We unite on lack of trust. We unite on division.

That’s what they do to the towlies.  Chaos –> Halliburton.  Burn the Reichstag.

DIVIDE ET IMPERA (divide and conquer)


Recipe for fried SJWs, 2016:  Stir the pot, up the temperature, stand back as the frogs cook, serve on cold plate

Actually, frogs leave the pot when you stir them.  More like, let the dogs eat the dogs, then we eat dog.

Written by THEM on November 18th, 2016

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