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Samsung Note 7 was a Government Sleeper Phone Bomb   no comments

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Sources reveal that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding phone batteries were part of a failed government deployment of phones that can be remotely detonated by controlling agents.  This would enable the controlling parties to neutralize any target carrying the device.

Deploying this capability in worldwide best selling smart phones would have widened their operating zone of engagement, and overcome the normal obstacles when reaching targets.  This also tightens the loop between discovering targets through cyber and taking them out directly upon discovery, improving allied efficiency in the Cyber theatre.

Codenamed as Project Tweezer, instigators from the US Government reportedly collaborated with the South Korean Ally Government, along with the mega corporation Samsung.  It is unknown whether other programs like it have already been deployed or plan on being deployed, but our source indicates that this is an earlier phase of the program, meant to be on shores further from primary engagements.  This also explains the utter failure in execution, literally.  It is clear at this point, however, that the ultimate goal, before exposure, was to horizontally integrate remote detonation capabilities across all major phone providers to disrobe as many individuals as possible at home and abroad, regardless of pre-target status.


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Police Sketches of Freaky Sightings – Boogeyman 1   no comments

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There’ll be a few more of these Police Sketches of Freaky Sightings. Lemme know if you’ve seen anything spooky like this. Let’s get to the bottom of it!

Story to this one: years ago, Tony went to sleep, was pulled by someone by the arm(s) to be in a sitting up position. When he looked, no one was there except a dark figure across the small room in the corner. Later he was told that a protective spirit pulled him to warn of the dark spirit standing there.

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frikafrikafrika   no comments

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Hillary Communed with Eleanor Roosevelt’s Ghost – Forreal   no comments

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Bill Clinton: “[Hillary] was known to commune with Eleanor on a regular basis. And so, she called me last night, on her way home from Peru to remind me to say that. That Eleanor had talked to her and reminded her that I should say that.”

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Roswell Alien Interview – review   no comments

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This is a direct transcript of a very detailed interview with a Grey alien, at Roswell, from a nurse they ET was comfortable sharing with.  It describes a whole worldview from soup to nuts.  Not a bad listen, if you want something long and spooky to fall asleep to.  It’s pretty interesting if you can let go.

around 2:38:00 the narrative starts to just sound like a bunch of evidence, which breaks the perspective of the alien telling the story.  The nurse needs no convincing, so the narrative voice of the alien starts to sound like the narrative voice of a conspiracy theorist speaking to youtube viewers.

2:48:50 “the gods are not reptiles, although they often behave like snakes”.  This is clearly taking human morality in identifying against oppression.  Not the voice of an outsider.  Also, why does this alien have such a direct hand account of all of our history if she’s been traveling and lives in the asteroid belt?

This youtube makes a lot of enemies by siding against Evolution.

It’s hard to believe a narrative that’s so long and claims to be from an omniscient source.  All of it has to be right.  If you don’t believe in one part of it, than there is either a problem with the translation or it’s all bullshit.  Because of this is only a second hand source, written down immediately after the interviews, and the official mility way that this is claimed to be reported, translation isn’t a big concern….

Pilots, engineers, whatever.

Also, the narrative is a bit humanistic.

Everything in the mesopotamian reliefs is perfectly explained, like there was no imagination in the ancients.

To debunk, you just have to question the source.  If you believe that it was actually written in 1947, then sure, it’s compelling.  But there doesn’t appear to be any truth to that.

Combining the sensations of pain and beauty to trap isbees into bodies is kinda cool.  Sex is the most effective trapping device.

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Freaky And Mysterious Photos That Will Give You Nightmares – Cyber Breeze   no comments

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