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Sources reveal that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding phone batteries were part of a failed government deployment of phones that can be remotely detonated by controlling agents.  This would enable the controlling parties to neutralize any target carrying the device.

Deploying this capability in worldwide best selling smart phones would have widened their operating zone of engagement, and overcome the normal obstacles when reaching targets.  This also tightens the loop between discovering targets through cyber and taking them out directly upon discovery, improving allied efficiency in the Cyber theatre.

Codenamed as Project Tweezer, instigators from the US Government reportedly collaborated with the South Korean Ally Government, along with the mega corporation Samsung.  It is unknown whether other programs like it have already been deployed or plan on being deployed, but our source indicates that this is an earlier phase of the program, meant to be on shores further from primary engagements.  This also explains the utter failure in execution, literally.  It is clear at this point, however, that the ultimate goal, before exposure, was to horizontally integrate remote detonation capabilities across all major phone providers to disrobe as many individuals as possible at home and abroad, regardless of pre-target status.


Written by THEM on December 30th, 2016

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