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With recent news from both sides of the Island, Obama and the right-guard IntelligenciAgencies, it is now clear that Trump’s assent to power has been nudged by Cossacks.  But little do you idiots know that Don Juan’s ties are far more binding.

To put it bluntly, Melania is a Sleeper Cell who has been planted by the KGB to oversee Trump pays back his financial debts to China by seizing the US Presidency and disrupting Western stability.  They do love the barter system.

These facts are the most true.  Nothing is more verifiable than this.  We’ve heard some things.

Melania’s father was a Communist:

Melania born into Communist Yugoslavia in 1970. Melania leaves to become a Model when she is 21, right after the USSR breaks up and her homeland becomes Slovenia as a breakaway from what was formerly just Yugoslavia.

Trump is in debt to China:

Trump runs for president for the first time in 2000, with debts and economic ties to Red China and Russia.   Putin is former KGB and has access to old Soviet spy network.  Trump set up with Melania and married in 2005, so that Russia and China can more closely manage his repeating campaigns.  Russia hacks Podesta emails and tips the US election in 2016.  Chaos ensues.


Written by THEM on January 6th, 2017

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