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Look, I know it’s 3 day old bagels.  But we’ve reviewed a video or two, and he seems legit.  He does seem a little dumb, but he’s a sweet kid.  The people speaking out about him seemed to come out of nowhere.–but hey, quick recap if you don’t know…..

All of David Seaman’s Videos on his Youtube channel and other social media was removed all of the sudden, and he went dark.  Why?

  1. if you believe in pastagate, then it’s obvious it’s a character hit job as THEY try to sweep the internet under a blood soaked rug
  2. if you just don’t like him…..
    1. he got caught shilling for Gold, a bitcoin-like real gold scamy website, and did it illegally and got sued so had to remove things for legal reasons
    2. he’s a shilling shylock kike kuck faggot
    3. he did it to build buzz as an engineering faker leaning into a fad

Well, why can’t they all be true?  I don’t see how making money on youtube, being sloppy and getting sued, or finding ways to be selfish and build buzz aren’t acceptable when trying to be an independent journalist.  If you’re running a passion project, part of the deal is salesmanship.  Nobody likes it, but we’re stuck in capitalism and thems the game m8.

Also, it doesn’t make sense that he would remove his video to generate buzz.  You get residual traffic from old videos as they build roots on the web.

Moreover, being a Pizzagate campaigner in such a thorough way, with your face close up in all the vids is a bit of a strong commitment, that’s not gonna get you laid.  You gotta be into it a little bit to risk looking so looney so publicly.

Also, the claim that a spike in his internet traffic after covering Pizzagate is evidence that he did it for selfish reasons, is filled with logical fallacies.  First, Correlation does not prove causation dipsticks.  Everyone autist was on about pizzagate at the same time.  It’s called a meme.  To cherry pick this one out of dozens of up-and-coming youtubers turded out from pizzagate is classic Confirmation bias.

It does seem like he removed his videos for legal reasons, as he’s avoiding the issue.  Doesn’t prove anything either way.

Anyhow, Dave Jizman, C- on all your videos, but fucking A+ buttholes for effort.

…..He’s talking about David Brock, might be a good lead

Written by THEM on March 3rd, 2017

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