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In Tuam, Ireland, there was a facility run by Catholic nuns, where unwed pregnant women were sent to have 2-3 Years of Pennance while the institution “cares” for them.  There are ongoing excavations from an investigation that has just released details, as of last Friday.  Other facilities are suspected to have more remains, potentially up to 3,200 in that area of Ireland.

This is news from an investigation going on for the last couple of years, that has been slowly building.  There are witnesses of victim mothers, this comes from many sources, and there are no suspects yet.

The place operated from 1926 to 1961, essentially running slave labour from these women to run Laundry.  Their children would be taken from them, with questions as to where they were taken.

“What was found in Tuam?

Last Friday’s announcement follows an excavation of the Tuam site by archaeologists working for the commission. A stratigraphic survey in October 2015 identified a number of “sub-surface anomalies” that were considered worthy of further investigation, the commission said. These were further explored by a test excavation in November/December 2016 and in January/February this year.

Trenches dug by the commission revealed two large structures. According to the commission, one of these structures appears to be a large sewage containment system or septic tank that had been decommissioned and filled with rubble and debris and then covered with top soil. The second structure is long and divided into 20 chambers. “The commission has not yet determined what the purpose of this structure was but it appears to be related to the treatment/containment of sewage and/or waste water,” it said. “The commission has also not yet determined if it was ever used for this purpose.”


Radio Carbon dating suggests that the corpses are from “the time in which the Mother and Baby Home operated (1925-1961).”  So, this is not directly linked to more modern allegations of pizzagate and the like.

However, there are also clues to child trafficking from the home, revealed by internal memos from the Ireland’s Health Service, the HSE, suspecting US export of babies without the mothers’ conecent:

“It relays concerns raised by an adoption social worker in the HSE who discovered a large archive of photographs, documentation and correspondance relating to children sent for adoption to the USA.”


The Trafficking allegations appear to not have been investigated, after being brought up in 2012, but since then more attention has been placed around the physical remains of the infants.

With the Catholic church now having links to Trafficking, infanticide, as well as the well known Pedoaphilia and cover up, we have the makings of a potential web  that can link back to elite circles.  More work to be done here, surely.


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