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Everyone knows Antarctica is too cold to sustain life. Everyone also knows that Hitler died by suicide in his Fuhrerbunker on April 30th, 1945. Everyone does. However, it may be true that everyone is a complete dumbshit.
Scientists have found fossilized trees beneath Antarctica’s great ice sheets, claiming that the continent was once a subtropical forestland.

This was 250 million years ago, but we’re still learning stuff everyday so relax.  The main point to take away is that the Antarctica you picture in your mind may not be the way it has always been, shit;  it may not even be like that now. Who knows what kind of dumb shit you’re imagining.
Anyway,  old trees aren’t the only things that scientists have discovered on Antarctica. People all around the world continue to be mystified by the pyramids of Egypt, even believing they may be extraterrestrial in origin. These of course, aren’t the only ancient pyramids of earth.
Ancient Mesopotamia



North America

South America



Japanese Underwater Pyramids

I’m not suggesting anything supernatural about these pyramids, it’s a pretty obvious structure to build. However, it seems that Humans consistently  build this structure on every continent they inhabit. Which brings me back to the other great discovery scientist have made on Antarctica.

This is a picture of a pyramid discovered on Antarctica, which might be proof of an ancient civilization having inhabited the continent at some point.
Scientists have concluded that this great civilization would probably look something like this:


Looks pretty comfy, eh? Well, guess who else thought so.

That’s right, fucking Hitler. The picture is a shoop by US intelligence of how Hitler might disguise himself if he escaped from Berlin.


In 1938 Adolfo sent an expedition to Antarctica to  claim the last truly white continent for himself. He called it Neuschwabenland, or New Swabia.

Now,  about that suicide. The only account of Hitler’s body comes from a couple of Russian soldiers that claim to have found his and Eva Braun’s corpses in his bunker. They supposedly immediately burned the bodies outside of the bunker, eliminating any hard evidence of Hitler’s death. If Hitler had the foresight to kill himself, anticipating the international backlash he would receive had he lost; why would he not set himself up with some sort of escape plan like many of his officers did with project Odessa? Stalin himself flat out denied that Hitler had died at the Potsdam Conference of 1945.
It is entirely possible that Stalin was too paranoid to ever believe Hitler had died without seeing a body. However, it is also entirely possible that his soldiers were too scared of him to admit they had failed to find Hitler’s body. After all , Solzhenitsyn was once quoted as saying “In our country the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State.”  Conspiracy theorists believe Hitler may have escaped to South America with many of his high ranking officials. If that were the case, why were US forces sent to Antarctica to search for Hitler’s true last strong hold during Operation Highjump in 1946?

John Kerry is still out there looking for it.

Also, Antarctica is also an anagram of “Attain Arc.”  Was Spielberg trying to tell us something?!

Okay bye.

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