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Checkout this documentary about this  former feminist turned Men’s Rights sympathizer.  The teaser hints that she might change her mind, but she totally does.

Hard hitting facts right out the gate.  From memory:

  • Men are 6 times more likely to be in prison
  • 43% of domestic violence is committed by women
  • Men have no control over their reproductive rights
  • Men were drafted a few times
  • Victims of violent crimes are predominantly men (so what if they are caused by men)

(from memory, because google’s first few pages about Men’s rights are all sites explaining how it’s bad, and no actual men’s rights sites that host the facts, which is interesting on it’s own)

Add to that, this freakonomics podcast:

But calm down.  One glaring rebuttal that is omitted from the documentary is rape, which might Trump all of No MA’AM’s points.  A guess is that this was purposely left out as it is a giant can of worms, a barrel of snakes if you will.  It’s a sensitive enough topic already.  But it needs to be considered at some point.  Gender is related to sex.

Still, this is convincing stuff.  But… So what?  Don’t be a bitch.  That was for the men, but ladys…  Yes, men have more responsibility, yes men’s lives are in more danger, yes men are pressured to earn money and be successful…  What if men were even to have harder lives?   Having a good life is anathema to machismo anyway.

And hardships do not measure happiness.  Men are the protagonists, since civilization as we know it (sure, prehistory shows evidence of matriarchies, and there may be more in our future).  Men get to make the world’s decisions.  Take me to your leader.  Men own the money that pays for the propaganda that is supporting feminism (that doesn’t mean that men are not consciously fighting it, but their money has a life of it’s own).  So, maybe it’s better being a guy because they get to have a life with more “meaning”, and women have to play second fiddle.

And maybe that’s okay.  Then again, maybe women want to play the guitar solo?  For a while?  A turn on top for a century, see how it feels?  Reasonable.

Just getting to be Marty McFly is an intangible joy that it will take years for Star Wars 2.0 to beat out of Bruce Willis.  Let’s see if #girlforce has enough patience to make the “fight” more interesting.

WARNING:  THIS IS ALL A DISTRACTION.  Don’t forget,  DIVIDE ET IMPERA.  Their plan is to get us all to secretly hate each other, even within our homes with our most intimate allies.  Until we can’t stand each other, tap out, and fuck the computer forever instead.




Written by THEM on June 22nd, 2017

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