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Pizzagate Supreme – Review of IRL True Detective Season One   no comments

This is a raw nerve still.  Old news, but lets pick it back up, slow down, and wait for it to cool a little first.

We’re not gonna connect the dots here, there’s too many.   And there’s no knead.  There’s obviously plenty of other connoisseur’s dishing out the deep cuts, in a huge Netborehood Watch.   I’ll leave some sausage links below for that.

Let’s just try and frame it and see what pans out.  If you’re new, then get out!  But there are keywords below.

This chart is subject to change, and it isn’t for proving anything on it’s own, get that at the next joint.  This is for spreading rankings of the evidence to get them all out on the table, or delivered.

Let’s avoid jumping to worldwide satanic conspiracy theories.  Let’s just preheat.  Starter claim:

  • “James Alefantis and/or Tony Podesta is an operative of a Child Sex Slavery Network”

That would be the top right of the chart.  Note, there is no smoking gun.  But there is tons of smoke.  Honestly, every one of the facts is not close to proof of the issue, maybe not enough for suspicion.  But each area has tons of smoke, and they all seem to come from one dark (c)oven.

Is it all confirmation bias, and we cooked up patterns from a giant vat of ingredients, that you could have drawn any pattern from?  Or is this amount of coincidences impossible to swallow?  What is the probability that all of these signs could be there and there be no fuckery at all?  There’s no scientific way to say.  But 60% it’s real, 40% fake.

Here’s why:  Other five star celebrities and politicians have been caught before.  Massive Child Sex Trafficking networks are confirmed. Child Sex Clients have to have tons of dough, due to the overhead in farming children in secret and the resulting Price.  There are hundreds of references to demonic sacrificing and Pedophilia surrounding Alefantis, Podesta, and others.  There are numerous past investigations and whistleblowers claiming similar cases to Comet Bang Bang.  There is no decent rebuttal on offer.


Now what?



DC PizzaGate: A Primer UPDATED 1/19

PROOF: James Alefantis is Running Massive CIA Finders Child Trafficking Website “KIDZWORLD.COM INC.” and VOODOO DOUGHNUTS is Running Massive Satanic Child Trafficking Ring Stretching From Seattle, WA to Austin, TX



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Chapelle vs Media   no comments

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Article about the thing on Martin Lawrence that Dave mentioned:

Witness said that Martin was yelling “fight the establisment.”

And here’s his reference to Mariah

And now Kanye:

here’s someone’s theory:

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President Biff   no comments

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USS Maddox, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident – US False Flag patterns   no comments

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Prince talking about Chemtrails and Manganese   no comments

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Flat Earth Talk Show – high quality   no comments

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Freaky Nuclear War Cartoon   no comments

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